About ESCA

The Entertainment Supply Chain Academy was created by Martin Porter and founding conference chairman Devendra Mishra (see biographies below) in association with DEG: Digital Entertainment Group.¬† Now in its fifth year, ESCA has become the industry’s annual business conference responsible for driving efficiencies in the delivery of physical and digital home entertainment.¬†¬† In these tumultuous times, ESCA’s role¬†is even more significant and relevant as the industry will gather together in June to investigate new ways of driving cost savings and elevating sales.

DEG: Digital Entertainment Group
deg-logoWhen DVD-Video launched in early 1997, the leading consumer electronics manufacturers, major movie studios and music companies came together to form the DVD Video Group ‚Äď a nonprofit trade consortium dedicated to promoting DVD-Video. Bringing together both the hardware and software community in one effort to advance the DVD format was unprecedented. Working together, the group helped to educate retailers, the trade and media about the new digital home entertainment. The DVD Video Group is credited with helping to make DVD the fastest adopted consumer electronics product ever. Recently, in 2003, the group’s mission expanded to continue to advocate and promote the many benefits associated with DVD, but also to serve as a forum for member companies to engage in ongoing discussions concerning various issues and opportunities which relate to other emerging digital technologies. Re-chartered as DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, the trade association’s partnership between hardware and software manufacturers comes together to ensure that the DEG obtains the input necessary to accurately represent all aspects of the home entertainment industry.

For more information visit:  www.degonline.org

mesalogo9The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance was formed in 2009 by the co-founders of ESCA, as well as the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Academy, the Green Media Summit, Blu-Con and Game Supply conferences.  Its mission is to support service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media and entertainment.

For more information visit:  www. MESAlliance.org

Devendra Mishra
Devendra has been the president and COO of such companies as LIVE Entertainment, VCL-Carolco, Lieberman Enterprises, Technicolor Worldwide Media and Distribution, Strawberries Records and Tapes, International Multifoods, Stan Lee Media, etc.  At RCA Records, as vice president of worldwide manufacturing and distribution, he implemented the revolutionary Hits and Catalog distribution service, which became the hallmark of the industry.  As president of worldwide new media and distribution services at Technicolor, Mishra strategically developed and launched Technicolor Entertainment Services and also engineered and put into production its first optical media manufacturing facility. A professor of Decision Sciences at Pepperdine University, he is recognized as an eminent thinker and practitioner of supply chain management.

Martin Porter
Martin has been providing information resources to entertainment technology professionals for more than 25 years. Originally a consumer electronics columnist for Rolling Stone, Premiere and GQ magazines, he has since worked as an industry consultant, editorial director and publisher for over 25 publications in professional audio, video, broadcast, electronic systems, and music. His company, Martin Porter Associates has provided consulting services to a range of trade and consumer events including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Audio Engineering Society (AES), National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA), and the International Recording Media Association (IRMA). He is the founding publisher of Medialine magazine and was a founding producer of Entertainment Media Expo (EMX), and the Surround Music Awards.

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