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Registration Now Open For The 2009 Academy

The Only Conference That’s About Saving Money and Building Sales:

For three years ESCA has focused on issues and opportunities for driving cost efficiencies in the home entertainment supply chain. This year these topics are more vital than ever before. That’s why our three session chairs are carefully designing this year’s program to be of strategic relevance to all studio executives and their supply chain partners.

Here are some of the sessions that are planned:

ESCA 2009: Supply Chain Summit A panel discussion sets the stage for this year’s Supply Chain Summit by gathering members of the ESCA Advisory Board and DEG Operations Committee to discuss the biggest challenges they’ve already conquered, are addressing now, and will potentially face.

Keynote Address: C. J. Wehlage, Director of Research, Hi-Tech and M&E, AMR Research


Advances in Blu-ray Player Devices This panel discussion details the features and functionality driving increased penetration rates of Blu-ray hardware to the consumer.

Blu Isn’t Built in a Day: The Lifecycle of a BD Project Follow the journey of a Blu-ray Disc as it goes from the master to the retail shelf then to the consumers BD player.

BD-Live: Building the Bridge to the Consumer Blu-ray and BD-Live builds a bridge from Hollywood directly to the consumer and creates a new facet in the home entertainment supply chain.

Aggregation Strategies and the Effect on the Physical Supply ChainA panel will discuss the impact emerging aggregation strategies will have on how physical goods are delivered to retail: what impact this will have on sustainability, independent content holders, and shelf space?


Keynote Address: Dan Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy,Yale University and Author, “Green to Gold”, provides a comprehensive update to the topics and ideas he presented at last year’s Green Media Summit

Sustainability in the Home Entertainment Supply Chain What are we doing across our industries supply chain to continue to drive savings and footprint reduction?

Information and Ideas The opening session will present macro level trends in business, in government, and industry approaches to dealing with sustainability. A number of speakers will present ideas on how you can interpret the various initiatives, whether corporate, governmental, or consumer oriented, that impact how we do business today.

Approach and Directions of Related Industries What are other industries doing to meet their sustainability goals? How are companies making an impact on their global carbon footprint through innovative approaches to sustainability and what can our industry learn?


Keynote Address: Ashwin Navin, former President and Co-Founder, BitTorrent

The Future of Hollywood In an industry first, senior technology officers and executives from five of the major Hollywood Studios will join together on a single panel roundtable discussion on where Hollywood is going and the economic realities of the industry’s digital transformation.

Monetizing Content Now and for the Future These research presentations show that content is the driver of value to other industries and monetization of content in the expanding marketplace, both physical and digital, is achievable.

Preparing Assets for the Future (DAM) This panel of companies specializing in digital asset management (DAM) will approach the concept of cyber lockers, the availability of tools to help both businesses and consumers manage their content libraries, and what DAM means to our industry.

The Digital Consumer of the Future Industry initiatives such as Digital Copy offer opportunities for content holders to educate and strengthen their relationship with their customer. Key players will present materials from proven strategies.

The Future of 3D in the Living Room Insightful discussion on 3D as it specifically pertains to the consumer’s living room. Where is the technology currently positioned, how will it be deployed, and how will packaged media play a significant role in the consumer’s adoption of emerging 3D technology?

Anti-Piracy Update What methods exist today that were technologically prohibitive just a few years ago at launch? Are there ways to prevent the compression of BD to a DVD9 using available HD codecs?

parksWhat’s new and going to change the way content holders deliver their programming in both physical and digital ways? Parks Associates takes center stage at ESCA this year to provide a cavalcade review of what’s new, what’s coming and what’s about to change the way consumers consume home entertainment. A bonus session: free with your Academy registration. Companies presenting: Audionamix, BluFocus, BuzzMedia, EdgeCast, Freewheel, Jacked, Kaltura, MOD Systems, Ooyala, YouTube, Yahoo Connected TV

Here are some of the speakers that are confirmed:

  • Darcy Antonellis, President, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
  • Daniel Aronson, Strategy & Change, Communications, IBM Business Consulting Services
  • Carolyn Mason Bacon, Director of Global Anti-Piracy Strategy & Operations, The Walt Disney Company
  • Bob Bauer, Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain, Warner Home Video
  • Bryan T. Biniak, CEO, Jacked
  • Jim Bottoms, Managing Director Corporate Development, Futuresource Consulting
  • Kristopher J. Brown, Vice President, Worldwide High Def Market Expansion, Warner Home Video
  • Parker Brugge, Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, Consumer Electronics Association.
  • Jane Buckingham, President, Trendera
  • Richard Bullwinkle, Chief Evangelist, Macrovision
  • Chris Carey, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Technical Operations, Paramount Pictures
  • Andrew Carlson, Executive Director of Interactive Media, New Wave Entertainment
  • Alison Casey, Head of Global Content, Futuresource Consulting
  • Alex Castro, CEO and Co-Founder, Delve Networks
  • Bob Chapek, President, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Chairman, DEG
  • Steven Chester, Vice President and General Manager, Blink Digital
  • David Cohen, Associate Editor, Features, Variety
  • Brad Collar, Subgroup Chair, SMPTE 3D Task Force and Vice President, Technology, Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • Chris Cookson, President, Sony Pictures Technologies, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Eric Corry, National Sales Manager, AGI Polymatrix
  • Steve Dahl, Senior VP, Worldwide Operations & IT, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
  • H. Anthony DiRico, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hub Folding Box Company
  • Arnaud Dudemaine, VP Sales and Business Development, Audionamix
  • Tom Emrey, Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
  • Daniel C. Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University
  • Marc Finer, Technical Director, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
  • Matthew Fischer, Director, Digital and On-Demand Solutions, Arvato Digital Services
  • Mark Fisher, Executive Vice President, Entertainment Merchants Association
  • Theodore X. Garcia, Media & Entertainment Lead, North Highland Group
  • Tracey Garvin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Brad Gleeson, Senior VP, Business Development, MOD Systems
  • Tyler Goldman, CEO, BuzzMedia
  • Jacqueline Gustafson, VP of Worldwide Product Development and Production, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • Art Hair, Chief Technology Officer, Walt Disney Studios
  • Seth Hallen, President, Testronic Laboratories U.S.
  • Tony Jasionowski, Senior Group Manager, Panasonic Corporation North America,Technology Liaison & Alliances Group
  • Diya Jolly, Product Director, FreeWheel
  • Max Just, Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Media & Entertainment Group, Capgemini
  • Matt Kennedy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 1K Studios
  • Tony Knight, Senior Product Manager, Macrovision
  • Tony Korkunis, Senior Vice President, Retail Development, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • Darryl Laing, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Viva Marketing
  • Mark Landry, Vice President & Lead, North America Media Entertainment Group, Capgemini
  • Phil Lelyveld, Program Manager, Consumer 3D Experience Lab
  • Mike MacDonald, Executive Director, Supply Chain Operations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Marcy Magiera, Editor-in-Chief, Video Business
  • Thaddeus Malit, Director, Energy & Resources Consulting Group, Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Dorinda Marticorena, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing and High-Definition, Warner Home Video
  • Ben Means, General Manager, Aggregation Services, Sony DADC
  • Dan Miron, Executive VP, Worldwide Supply Chain Management, Warner Home Video
  • Tom Moran, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment Markets, Savvis
  • Eric Morris, Vice President of Sales, Ooyala
  • Ashwin Navin, former President and Co-Founder, BitTorrent
  • Aimee Nelson, Merchandiser, Best Buy
  • Marie O’Reilly-Thein, Senior Vice President, Sales, FirstLook Studios/Millennium Media Services
  • David Padula, Manager, Materials Procurement, Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Paulette Pantoja, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BluFocus
  • Andy Parsons, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & New Product Planning, Pioneer Electronics (USA)
  • Mark Pierson, Director Supply Chain/Logistics, Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Colleen Quinn, Global Program Director, Interactive Advertising and Media & Entertainment, Teradata
  • Doug Reinart, Executive VP, Worldwide Operations, Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Juan Reyes, Technical Director, BluFocus
  • Sean Sabre, Regional Supply Chain Manager, Americas, ModusLink
  • Ron Sanders, President, Warner Home Video & President, DEG
  • Paul Scott, Executive VP, Sony DADC
  • James Segil, President, Edgecast
  • Andy Setos, President of Engineering, The Fox Group
  • Mark Sharp, Group Manager, Corporate Environmental Department, Panasonic North America
  • Amy Jo Smith, Executive Director, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
  • Bhanu Srikanth, Executive Director, Jargon Technologies
  • Usha Srinivasan, Vice President of Product Marketing, Vobile
  • Peter Staddon, Executive VP, Deluxe Digital Studios
  • Jeff Talmadge, Director, Product Development & Systems Integration, Denon Electronics
  • Doug Textor, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, The Cannery Agency
  • Zane Vella, President, Related Content Database (RCDb)
  • Igor Vezmar, VP, Program Management, Ascent Media Group
  • Yangbin Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Vobile
  • Lance Ware, Senior Vice President of Technology, Technicolor Electronic Distribution Services
  • C. J. Wehlage, Director of Research, Hi-Tech and M&E, AMR Research
  • David Wertheimer, Executive Director, Entertainment Technology Center at USC
  • Kevin Westcott, Principal, Media & Entertainment, Deloitte Consulting
  • Blair Westlake, Corporate Vice President, Media & Entertainment Group, Microsoft
  • Larry Wilk, VP, Worldwide Operations, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
  • Bill Wilson, Digital Strategy & Business Development, The National Association of Recording Merchandisers
  • Doug Wynalda, National Sales Manager, Wynalda Litho
  • Ron Yekutiel, Chairman & CEO, Kaltura
  • Ray Young, Chairman, WebConcepts

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