Ron Sanders

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sanders-ronRon Sanders, President, Warner Home Video & President, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

Ronald J. Sanders is President of Warner Home Video Inc., (WHV) a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

As President, Mr. Sanders is responsible for all Warner Home Video’s global business and its future development, including worldwide sales, marketing, finance, general operations, administration and supply chain management.

Warner Home Video has annual revenues of approximately $5 billion, and is responsible for releasing the studio’s many feature films and television shows on home video. WHV has maintained leading market share in the U.S. and most international territories for the past six years. This was due in large part to WHV’s pioneering role in the immense success of the DVD format, which in five years became the fastest growing consumer electronics product ever launched. Operating in 90 territories, WHV also has a film library that is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., Turner Entertainment Company, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Video. The company has numerous distribution arrangements in the US as well and represents such diverse fare as BBC Video, National Geographic, Mattel, and sports leagues including NFL, NBA and NHL.

Mr. Sanders joined WHV in 1991 and has held various managerial positions including Vice-President, Rental Sales and Vice-President, Sell Through Sales before being promoted in 1999 to Managing Director, United Kingdom & Ireland, based in London. In 2000, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Europe Middle East and Africa where he oversaw the company’s efforts in 28 territories.

Returning to the US in 2003 he was appointed Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America before being named worldwide President in 2005. He previously held positions with Procter & Gamble and holds a BS in Business Administration from Auburn University in Alabama. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and now resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Doug Reinart

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reinart-dougDoug Reinart, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Paramount Home Entertainment

Andy Parsons

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parsons-andyAndy Parsons, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & New Product Planning, Pioneer Electronics (USA)

Paulette Pantoja

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paulette-pantojaPaulette Pantoja, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BluFocus

Paulette E. Pantoja is the founder and CEO of BluFocus Inc., the first and only Blu-ray exclusive company focused on the development of advanced testing tools and services for the Home Entertainment Industry. After graduating from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, Paulette pursued a professional career in the Entertainment & Media Industry with an extensive focus on Production Management within Web Development, DVD and Blu-ray. For the past 10 years Paulette has held various management positions in the Media and Home Entertainment Industry at companies such as Ascent Media and Panasonic Hollywood Labs, where she developed the production and workflow processes for DVD and Blu-ray title development.

In late 2007, prior to the end of the format war, Paulette founded BluFocus Inc. After spending years overseeing DVD/Blu-ray Production at various Authoring facilities, Paulette saw an upcoming need for the BD Industry, so she set out to create services focused specifically on the Blu-ray format and the complexities encountered during its development. Paulette is widely respected and considered a thought leader in the Industry for her experience and knowledge with DVD and Blu-ray production.

Her company, BluFocus, is comprised of a team with expansive knowledge in the areas of Authoring, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Project Management and Interactive Media who have worked with Blu-ray since 2006.

BluFocus is proud to have been the first Blu-ray exclusive company in the Industry to redefine conventional DVD production processes and assist in the introduction and implementation of software testing methodologies to the BD Industry. BluFocus’ goal is to ensure that the Blu-ray format succeeds by offering unparalleled services such as THX/BluFocus Title and Player Certification, BD-J Application Certification, Project Engineering and conventional QC services using ORS and QATS, to those who develop Blu-ray titles, applications and CE devices.

Ashwin Navin

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navin-ashwinAshwin Navin, former President and Co-Founder, BitTorrent

Ashwin Navin was the President and Co-founder of BitTorrent until August 2008. He hails from Yahoo where he was an influential member of the company’s Corporate Development group. He possesses extensive experience in structuring and negotiating acquisitions, partnerships and alliances in the tech industry. While at Yahoo, Ashwin was responsible for M&A, divestitures and company strategy in the U.S. and key global markets such as India and Korea. Before Yahoo, Ashwin worked with Wall Street powerhouses Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Merrill Lynch as an investment banker and research analyst. Ashwin earned a dual B.A. from Claremont McKenna in Government and Economics.

At BitTorrent, Ashwin Navin crafted a business model for the BitTorrent protocol, invented by his co-founder. With hopes of bringing BitTorrent out of the fringes and into the mainstream. Navin has assumed the public face of the company as an evangelist for its commercial viability. In 2007, Navin launched 3 commercial products: the BitTorrent Entertainment Network in February, the BitTorrent SDK in June, and BitTorrent DNA in October.

To catalyze BitTorrent’s commercialization, Navin began by engaging movie industry executives directly. Although predicted by many to be highly unlikely, BitTorrent has struck relationships with many major media companies including Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Lionsgate, Kadokawa Pictures, and others. The BitTorrent Entertainment Network, features mainstream movies and TV shows licensed from major media companies delivered with the BitTorrent protocol. Navin has also announced the availability of a P2P content delivery service called BitTorrent DNA, and software licensing program called BitTorrent SDK.

Tom Moran

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moran-tomTom Moran, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment Markets, Savvis

Tom Moran joined Savvis Communications Inc. when they acquired the commercial business of Eagan, MN based WAM!NET Inc. in 2003. Having served as Director of the Media and Entertainment division of WAM!NET from 2001 through 2004, Moran was promoted to Senior Director of the Media Services division of Savvis in January 2005. He is responsible for corporate strategy, business development, as well as sales and market development for the WAM!NET Service Portfolio at Savvis (SVVS).

Moran helped lead the successful restructuring of Cybernet Systems Inc. of Minneapolis, MN from hardware sales into professional services and training for its media industry customers, ultimately leading to the acquisition of Cybernet by WAM!NET in 2001. While leading the Media and Entertainment business unit at WAM!NET Moran was responsible for establishing a unique domain expertise that led to the implementation of a number of ground-breaking content management and distribution projects, serving customers such as Universal Music Group, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, EMI and Technicolor, and many other marquee names in the Media Industry.

Moran is the primary architect of business-to-business systems that are now the industry standard practice for production and distribution of media content electronically as opposed to the more costly, risky and time-consuming processes associated with handling physical media. This success led to his appointment to the Executive Governing Board of Directors for the Global Society for Asset Management in 2003 as well as a number of other industry accolades. Tom serves on the Board of Directors for the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) and the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) as well as being the chairman of the Digital Supply Chain Committee of MESA.

WAM!NET’s Media and Entertainment business unit was the fastest growing and most profitable division of the Company under Moran’s management. By providing leadership for an industry-wide transformation of the way both packaged goods and on-line media products are produced and distributed, WAM!NET offers solutions that enable media companies to shave weeks off production schedules, get products to market faster and reduce the impact of content piracy.

Prior to entering the technology business, Moran was a successful artist, freelance photographer and media producer. He worked in Minneapolis, New York and London for major magazines, newspapers, film, and music production companies during his seven years as a freelancer. Moran studied Journalism and Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota from 1988 to 1992. He founded the highly regarded international artists collective “Otaku” in London in 1992.

Dan Miron

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miron-danDan Miron, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain Management, Warner Home Video

Dorinda Marticorena

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marticorena-dorindaDorinda Marticorena, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and High-Definition, Warner Home Video

As Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing & High Definition for Warner Home Video, Dorinda Marticorena leads Warner Bros.’ efforts to promote the mainstream adoption of high definition media formats and also oversees global product management and worldwide interactive marketing for Warner Home Video. Marticorena took over the Company’s high definition media strategy in 2007 when she was promoted to Senior Vice President, Worldwide High Definition. She joined Warner Home Video in 2001 as Director of Marketing, Kids Entertainment responsible for girls’ franchises. In 2003 she was promoted to Executive Director of Kids Marketing and to Vice President of Kids & Sports Marketing in 2005.

Previously, Marticorena held brand management positions at Nestle USA and General Mills. Immediately prior to joining WHV, she was employed by Stanford University Undergraduate Admissions.

Marcy Magiera

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magiera-marcyMarcy Magiera, Editor-in-Chief, Video Business

Marcy Magiera was named editor-in-chief of Video Business in 2006, after 12 years in various editorial leadership roles with the Variety Group newsweekly. Prior to joining VB, Magiera was a senior reporter at Advertising Age, where she pioneered the coverage of new release movie marketing.

Mark Landry

June 10, 2009 · Posted in Speaker Bios · Comments Off on Mark Landry 

landry-markMark Landry, Vice President & Lead, North America Media Entertainment Group, Capgemini

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