Dan Miron

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Dan Miron
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain Management
Warner Home Video

Vinnie Freda

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Vinnie Freda
Executive Vice President, Digital Logistics
Universal Music Group

Herb Daniel

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Herb Daniel, Senior Vice President, Domestic Operations,
Paramount Home Entertainment

Steve Dahl

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Steve Dahl
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations & IT
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Mark Landry

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Michael Frey

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Michael Frey
President, Global Digital Services

Michael Frey serves as the President of Global Digital Services for Sony DADC where he is responsible for the development, implementation, and execution of innovative Digital Supply Chain solutions for customers across the media and entertainment industry. Drawing on his vast supply chain expertise and knowledge of the global media marketplace, Mr. Frey leads a best-in-class team focused on developing uniquely advanced digital solutions that allow content owners and distributors to capitalize on surging consumer demand for music, video, games, software, and other emerging media content. In his previous role as President of Sony DADC Americas, Mr. Frey directed all product lines for both physical and digital media and leveraged his industry expertise to grow Sony DADC’s business by more than 30 percent. Prior to joining Sony DADC, Mr. Frey was Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Operations for Technicolor, where he directed supply chain transformation efforts for Disney and Microsoft Xbox. Previously, Mr. Frey led global development and delivery for EMI Music Group’s digital supply chain after successfully transforming their physical operations to award-winning levels. Mr. Frey was also one of the key leadership team members responsible for building Accenture’s Supply Chain practice where he led numerous client engagements that delivered significant financial and performance improvements across high tech electronics, consumer products, and packaged goods and retail. Mr. Frey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

Michael D. Robinson

May 2, 2011 · Posted in Speaker Bios · Comments Off on Michael D. Robinson 

Michael D. Robinson, Executive Vice President, Content Protection, Chief of Operations

In his role as Executive Vice President for Content Protection and Chief of Operations for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Michael D. Robinson heads worldwide content protection enforcement operations and countermeasures for the MPAA on behalf of its member studios. As an integral part of the Association’s strategic team, he is responsible for the coordination of MPAA-funded country-based content protection operations worldwide to ensure the execution of the Association’s strategic goals, at both the regional and global levels.

Robinson joined the MPAA in 2006 following a distinguished law enforcement and public service career. Rising through the ranks of the Michigan State Police, Robinson was appointed Director of the agency by Governor John Engler in 1991.  As Director of the Michigan State Police, he developed an international reputation as an innovative law enforcement leader.  He was elected president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and served as chairman of a U.S. Department of Justice Federal Advisory Committee charged with integrating law enforcement information systems.  Robinson also served on the U.S. Presidential Export Council, Sub-Committee on Encryption Export Control.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Robinson joined a team of executives tasked with building the new Transportation Security Administration.  As TSA’s first Assistant Administrator for Aviation Operations, Robinson oversaw the deployment of over 55,000 Transportation Security Officers to the nation’s 429 commercial airports, transitioned the Civil Aviation Security Program from the FAA to the TSA, and directed the efforts of the Federal Air Marshals Service.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Robinson led the largest air evacuation in U.S. history as over 30,000 storm victims evacuated the storm-ravaged city through the New Orleans International Airport.

James Russo

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James Russo, Vice President, Global Consumer Insights
The Nielsen Company

James Russo serves as Vice President, Global Consumer Insights for The Nielsen Company and is based in New York.  He has more than 18 years of experience in marketing, sales, business development and research across the retail and manufacturing industries.

His responsibilities at Nielsen include taking a leadership role in integrating the company’s efforts to leverage and customize its broad array of Watch and Buy insights and analytics to enhance growth strategies for its global clients.

One of Mr. Russo’s main areas of expertise is in developing foresights from understanding the dynamics of current economic and marketplace conditions and what clients can do to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. These insights are presented to across industry sectors at the most senior levels.  As a result James is one of the today’s leading experts on consumer attitudes and behavior, prominently and frequently featured in the nation’s top business outlets

During his eight years with Nielsen, he also served as General Manager, delivering strategic insights and analysis of significant trends impacting retailers and suppliers.  In addition, he launched “Executive Perspective,” offering unique industry insight and foresight to hundreds of consumer packaged goods executives.

Mr. Russo earned an MBA and BA from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and is a frequent contributor to leading media outlets such as: CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Today show and ABC Nightline.

Aditya Tahilramani

May 2, 2011 · Posted in Speaker Bios · Comments Off on Aditya Tahilramani 

Executive Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment  supporting the Digital & Commercial Innovation group. Over 15 years experience developing solutions supporting high velocity supply chains for packaged media and digital distribution with a focus on developing business intelligence, process automation and business rule event driven applications.

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