Preliminary Programme

(Programme timings and sessions are currently subject to change)

Day 1: Wednesday 21 September

Welcome Remarks

Jim Bottoms, Director & Co-Founder, Futuresource Consulting
Martin Porter, Executive Director, MESA

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: An Industry in Transition

In this keynote address, Jim Wuthrich will review the transition from physical to digital media, including UltraViolet, highlighting the opportunities presented by harnessing social media, Flixster and the integration of apps to boost revenues and campaign efficiency. This session will primarily focus on Home Video but will also draw on the opportunities in the games sector.
Jim Wuthrich, President, International, Warner Home Video

Supply Chain Efficiency Becomes Mission Critical

A one on one conversation with an internationally renowned Home Video Supply Chain expert who has lived and breathed the industry evolution over more than two decades. Among the questions to be put to our keynote speaker will be:

  • Improvements seen in the Supply Chain over recent years
  • Impact of changing SKU strategies
  • Impact of shortening release windows
  • Opportunities for shared services (within the industry and with other industry sectors)
  • Returns Handling
  • Increasing focus on new release titles and the Supply Chain impact
  • Future outlook and initiatives for improvement.

Moderator: Alison Casey, Head of Global Content, Futuresource Consulting

Speaker: Aodan Coburn, Executive Vice President Worldwide, Operations & Licensing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Supply Chain Efficiency: The Pressures Intensify

The changing nature of the home video business continues to put the supply chain under the microscope. SKU strategies and packaging variants are high on the priority scale as companies look to take out costs and differentiate more clearly between DVD and Blu-ray. At the same time the increasing consumer focus on new release content and the shortening window between theatrical and DVD release are also applying pressure to the supply chain, particularly around the peak season. The need for efficiency in returns handling is also impacting on the above.

Representatives from the retail, home video, manufacturing, distribution and packaging industries will talk us through the issues and highlight some of the steps that are being taken.
Moderator: Alison Casey, Head of Global Content, Futuresource Consulting

Steve Brown
, Chief Executive Officer, Cinram
Aodan Coburn, Executive Vice President Worldwide, Operations & Licensing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Tony Garnish, Chief Executive Officer Europe, AGI World

Putting Our Ideas Straight: How to Rebuild Profitability in a Changing Market

This presentation will provide the insight and tools needed to ensure continued success and profitability of the packaged media supply chain in a business environment impacted by the evolution of digital. Technology driven and business related lessons learned from a complex European market will be explored.
Patrick Staar, President & Managing Director, B2Boost
Lynn Nicholson, Director, Business Development, B2Boost


Monetising the Cloud without Cannibalizing Existing Business

A series of short case studies exploring the ways that companies in the media industry have utilised cloud computing to deploy digital distribution solutions. Accelerating time to market, lowering operational costs, improving end user experience and heightening content security are some of the most compelling benefits of this delivery mechanism. Most importantly, these case studies will show how solutions have been deployed in a way that is complementary to traditional revenue streams and as a means of reducing content piracy, with what in some cases are radically new approaches to content security.
Tom Moran, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, Savvis

Driving Blu-ray Forward in Europe

Despite the significant progress to date there is no doubt that everyone involved across the industry wants to see Blu-ray develop faster and play a bigger part in the European Home Video market. Initiatives such as bundling BD titles with a DVD and Digital Copy and, more recently, plans to release the BD version ahead of DVD are just two examples of steps taken by the content companies.

In this series of presentations and open floor discussions we explore the success of these and other initiatives and hear from player manufacturers, replicators/distributors, content companies and the retail trade on what else is being done and what additional steps can be taken to create increased momentum behind BD.
Moderator: Elizabeth Toppin, Editor, Digital2Disc
Jonathan Beardsworth
, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services, Europe
Lindsay Brown, Managing Director Operations, Eagle Rock Entertainment
Joss Kaldenburg, Business Manager, Audio & Video Marketing Europe, Sony Electronics
John Rodden, General Manager, Studio Canal


Market Performance and Future Outlook

In this industry overview one of the senior analysts from the Futuresource team reviews some of the key market and business trends in the physical and digital entertainment sectors and looks at how the changing market and competitive dynamics are impacting on the home entertainment, hardware and content supply chain. Representatives from the retail, home video, manufacturing, distribution and packaging industries will talk us through the issues and highlight some of the steps that are being taken.
Jim Bottoms, Director & Co-Founder, Futuresource Consulting

Saving Costs and Improving the Environmental Impact Through Materials Recycling

Increases in the cost of raw materials are putting intense pressure on replicator margins. Polycarbonate, which accounts for a significant portion of the disc production cost, has been subject to a 33% increase over the past 18 months. At the same time the industry as a whole is under growing pressure to improve its environmental footprint. This presentation talks about the pioneering work being undertaken at EDC to reuse materials from scrapped or unwanted discs.
John Fitzgerald, Managing Director and Chief Operations Officer, EDC

The Challenges of Transitioning from Physical to Digital

LOVEFiLM has grown rapidly to become an established UK entertainment brand, known for its DVD by post model.  Jim will discuss the challenges of transitioning this business towards its digital future, outlining what is different about digital, both from the business and the customer perspective, and what is the same.
Jim Buckle, Chief Operations Officer, Lovefilm

A Day in the Life of a Digital File

Follow the journey of a digital file as it passes through its lifecycle prior to release. What is the role of production, post production, authoring and testing? How are things different from the physical supply chain? Why is content, retail and supplier collaboration the key to long term success when developing your digital supply chain? Here we investigate the issues and reveal the roles played by the many different organisations when bringing content to digital retailers.
Moderator: John Crosier, Senior Vice President, Digital Architecture and Delivery, Cinram

Lee Bombard
, Director of Technical Production, The Walt Disney Studios
Seth Hallen, Chief Executive Officer, Testronic Laboratories
Shelley Groves, Director European TV Technical Operations & Int’l Dubbing, Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Ltd.
David Nortier, Managing Director, EMEA, Signiant
James Puttock, Executive Director, World Wide Client Operation, Sony Pictures Entertainment


Digital Must Learn Automation Lessons from Other Industries

Richard Johnson contends that digital is the most inefficient of all industries and must adopt the principles used by automotive, steel, printing and logistics in order to be competitive on a global scale. In this presentation he will provide some simple mantras to follow to achieve lowest cost of sale, fastest time to market and futureproofing.
Richard Johnson, Integration Manager, Miomni

Market Tracking, Unique IDs and the Digital Supply Chain

The explosion in the digital distribution of video and TV content is presenting major challenges for the supply chain as there is no standardized way of identifying titles across different platforms. In this session, a number of speakers will explore, the need for effective market tracking, and will also discuss how the implementation of EIDR (a unique identifier system for all TV and movie content) will benefit the industry, both in generating additional revenue and streamlining costs.
Moderator: Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA
Tony Bicknell, Company Director, Futuresource Consulting
Jud Cary, Vice President, and Deputy General Counsel, CableLabs and EIDR Board Member
Carol Owens, Director, Strategic Engagements, Deluxe 142
Alex Terpstra, Chief Executive Officer, Civolution

How to Rebuild a Supply Chain? – Lessons Learned from the Enfield Disaster

Just before midnight on August 8th 2011, in the midst of the London riots, Sony DADC’s Enfield distribution centre became the victim of an arson attack. While the blaze of the 24,000 thousand square meter building could be seen for miles across London, the Home Entertainment industry had to manage the loss of a hub that handled over 65 million units per year and 25 million destroyed units. A Disaster Recovery Plan, lying at the crisis team’s table an hour after the incident happened, combined with an IT backbone which didn’t stop working for a single moment, set the premise for an immediate recovery.

In his talk, Thomas Irnberger, who was at the Enfield site within an hour of the incident and was part of that business recovery team, will look back on how preventive crisis planning got challenged in real life. He will explain how the DRP was executed, how quick product was shipped direct to retail ex. manufacturing – and last but not least, how crucial integrated IT systems and the support of customers and other industry players were in getting product out to the marketplace. In moments like these the industry stands together to overcome challenges regardless of a very competitive market environment.
Thomas Irnberger, Director of Distribution, Sony DADC International

Shifts in Video Consumption: The Voice of the Consumer

Consumers are being given an ever increasing range of ways to access movies and TV content. With only so many hours in a day, the rise of catch up TV and online content is likely to be cannibalizing other forms of video distribution, like DVD. The fourth wave of “Living with Digital” (Futuresource’s consumer behaviour tracker) will provide answers to key industry questions including:

  • Why are consumers purchasing fewer discs than 12 months ago?
  • Are consumers with online video subscription services (like Netflix and Lovefilm) thinking about cancelling their Pay TV subscriptions?
  • How much more catch-up TV are people watching compared with 12 months ago?
  • How much time are people spending watching video online compared with 12 months ago and what are they doing less of instead?

This presentation will share some of the key findings from a survey of 2,500 consumers.
David Sidebottom, Senior Consultant, Digital Media, Futuresource Consulting

Day 1 Conference Close and Cocktail Reception

Day 2: Thursday 22 September

The Business of Games: Managing the Supply

This year the games market is truly in transition. Online and mobile gaming is breaking new ground – now accounting for around 30% of consumer spend on games – and physical media continues to fragment, with consumers free to choose from a wide range of different formats and platforms. Many new and upgraded systems are appearing on shelves and on the horizon, including Wii2, 3DS and PS4, bolstering physical format sales, while the iPad is also making a noise in the games market. This panel, comprising executives from a range of companies active within games supply chain will explore how changes in the games software markets, coupled with changes in the hardware and accessories markets, are affecting their businesses.

Issues such as forecasting, replenishment, returns handling, changing retailer requirements, bundling, the growth of casual gaming and the impact of the second hand market will all be debated.
Moderator: Dr. Richard Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA)

Sven Deutschmann
, Chief Executive Officer, EMEA, arvato digital services
Jonathan Newth, Founding Partner, Tenshi Ventures

The Changing Role of Post Production in the Digital Age

Television, film and advertising companies have always demanded a broad range of services from the post production industry, from highly creative offerings like editing and special effects, to the more practical and everyday support such as subtitling and colour matching. Digital has already revolutionised internal workflows for these agencies and is now allowing them to expand upon the range of services they offer. In this session, executives will discuss the ways in which the business is changing
and will review the emerging opportunities that are impacting upon their daily activities, including apps creation, iTunes Extras, digital asset management and archiving services.
Moderator: Bob Auger, Technology Correspondent, Cue Entertainment

Paul Collard
, Vice President, Film & Digital Services, Deluxe
George Kilpatrick, Vice President, Media Operations and Sales, Technicolor Digital Delivery
Ramki Sankaranarayanan, President & CEO, Prime Focus Technologies


CP Summit Keynote: Driving Risk Management of the Supply Chain

Paul Chesney, head of NBC/Universal’s International Operations, will share why security of their end-to-end supply chain is so important, and how decisions such as mandatory audit compliance and accreditation are a key component to ensuring the protection of their pre-release content.
Paul Chesney, Vice President International Operations, Universal Pictures International Entertainment

Content Protection Perspectives

Electronic Arts CISO and CDSA Chairman Spencer Mott will provide an overview of ways that content holders are combatting today’s cyber-threat and content piracy landscape, offering insights from the world’s leading video game company as well as from others at the front of IP security.
Spencer Mott, Chairman of the Board, Content Delivery & Storage Association and Chief Information Security Officer, Electronic Arts

Technology Update: Watermarking vs. Fingerprinting- WHAT, WHEN, HOW?

This presentation will take us through the differences between Watermarking and Fingerprinting, what each does, and how they are enabling new business and security applications that enhance tracking and provide incremental revenue.
Moderator: Richard Atkinson, Chief Piracy Specialist & Consultant, Anti-Piracy Worldwide and Entertainment Content Protection Summit Europe Conference Chairman
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Fortium Technologies
Tom Moran, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, Savvis
Alex Terpstra, Chief Executive Officer, Civolution

12: 45

Legislative Update: New Legal Approaches for EU and Key Markets

The legal landscape around IP theft and protection is evolving rapidly in the EU and key international markets. Learn what these changes mean for the content operations community.
Lavinia Carey, Director General, British Video Association
Patrick GrĂĽter, Vice President & Counsel Government Relations (EMEA) and IP Legal Policy & Strategy, The Walt Disney Company

Security Update: Today’s Cyber-Threat, Post-PSN Hack & Shady RAT

The hacking of Sony PSN got the attention of the industry and the world. Hear from the security officers of two industry leading companies on the Cyber-Threat, and how it is changing things for them and their companies.
Sean Catlett, Director of Security, Betfair
Spencer Mott, Chief Information Security Officer, Electronic Arts


What to Do When Your Network is Hacked?

In this presentation a leading digital forensics expert will provide guidelines and procedures for what to do if your network is compromised and your content and client information is stolen. Based upon true cases, examples will show how attackers break into weak and poorly managed networks; critically, it will also examine how these same networks fail to gather sufficient evidence making forensic and criminal investigations next to impossible. This is a non-technical presentation that addresses technical concepts in a manner that ensures the attendees will understand.
Steve Armstrong, Managing Director, Logically Secure

Process Update: Making Incident Response Agile and Efficient

With the increasing issues of cyber-based compromises come changes to Incident Response, including how you investigatea potential incident and the pace you have to get things done. Learn best-practices and key lessons-learned from a multi-industry panel of IR leaders.
Calvin Dickenson, Director, Global Security, Electronic Arts

Entertainment Content Protection Summit Europe – Interactive Showcase

This session highlights innovations in content protection with industry experts sharing ideas, processes or perspectives in an interactive way. Companies participating in this session include Civolution, Fortium and

Conference Closing Remarks

Day 2 Co-Located Event: Content Protection Summit
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